Seven Keys to Reading Energy

To read energy, engage all of your senses, including kinesthetic feeling. Let it speak to you, without holding any assumptions.

Here are Seven Keys to Reading Energy. When we have techniques for reading what seems intangible, the invisible becomes visible.

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1. Observe Light and Shadow

Pay attention to contrasts in light. Where the light is especially dim, the energy is also. Lack of light can suggest a depressed state. When the light is extremely bright, there may be too much activity.

We want a balance of light and dark. Darkness in balance serves as shade and protection. Light in balance cultivates energy and growth.

2. Check Energy Density

Negative energy is thick in nature: Stuffy, stagnant, and immobile. You may feel suddenly claustrophobic around this person or place, and have difficulty breathing. The air is stagnant. When the air is stagnant, communication is blocked.

Thick, dense energy is all-consuming, feeding on its environment. Parasitic.

Light energy is angelic — fearless, fluid, flexible, and dynamic — like palm trees swaying in the breeze. Spacious.

3. Time Traveling: Inter-Dimensional Shifts

My husband and I lived in Maui, Hawaii from 2000 to 2004, and in the spring of 2004, I had a vision while driving from Haleakala mountain into the town of Kahului. I was suddenly in two places at once, in Hawaii and in Boulder, Colorado. I felt pulled from the beautiful waters of Hawaii back to the mainland. Within a few weeks of having this vision, we took an unexpected business trip to Boulder, and after that trip, we decided to move back to Colorado.

You may find yourself time traveling, reviewing a time period in the past, or traveling into the future. Certain places and vortexes facilitate this shift. These portals are often found in nature, and you can access these portals in your own consciousness.

Being around particular people with a high frequency can also be a catalyst for entering other dimensions.

4. Identify Spooks and Spirits

Spooks are entities of various sorts. When you enter a building that’s infested with spooks, you will get a strong creepy feeling that someone is lingering. You may even see these spooks.

In 2007, I went to an old movie theatre in Seattle, and got spooked. I felt the presence of someone sitting on the counter in the bathroom. Walking the hallways in this theatre took me into other dimensions – a strange, reality distortion.

An environment with numerous spooks or spirits is more accident-prone. These spirits play interference.

High-energy spirits offer support and stay out of the way. They guide, but do not interfere. They typically raise your mental state, and help alleviate fear.

5. How High Is The Ceiling?

Have you walked into a building or a home and felt compressed? Low ceilings will shorten your energy field.

Observe low ceilings and high ceilings energetically. A low ceiling will contribute to pressure headaches and depression. A high ceiling energetically will lift you up like flying in a hot air balloon. This will inspire you and your creativity.

6. Pay Attention to Energetic Hooks

When there is an imbalance of power in a relationship, you will feel this immediately in your belly as a stomach upset. Your stomach radar tells you whether the relationship is one of power with (shared authority), or power over (control).

A hook is when someone taps into your power to boost their own. Hooks disrupt energy flow, so the relationship will tend to stop and start like a car stalling in the middle of the road.

7. Color Evokes Light and Personality

“Color is energy made visible.” ~ John Russell

Color helps you identify the personality and character of a tree, a bird, or a place. Red exudes passion, energy, and vitality. Green gives breath, heart, and growth.

Energy is another form of data, often forgotten. Once we can read energy, we have the other half of the story. Now, we’ve got the whole picture from the physical to the energetic.

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