13 Eagles found dead in Federalsburg, Maryland

I was horrified to read that 13 eagles were found dead on a farm in Federalsburg, Maryland on Monday, February 22nd. The farm is in southern Caroline County, 2 hours east of Washington, D.C., close to the Idlywild Natural Area where the eagles nest.


Image Credit: lightrae, deviantart.com.

Federalsburg is 90 minutes from Washington, D.C. Signs are indicated by proximity. If the eagles were found in Idaho, it would have a different meaning. Also, notice the word “Federal” in the town, Federalsburg, and the reference to our federal government.

Three of the bald eagles were full-grown, with white heads and brown bodies. Two were close to maturity. And, the remaining eagles were immature.

Candy Thomson, spokesperson for Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police stated:

This is a big deal. It’s not only the number of eagles. It’s the fact that eagles are beloved. People have pride in the fact that we brought eagles back… This area where the eagles died is wonderful eagle habitat.

It’s been 30 years since they’ve had a similar incident. The more unusual an event, the more likely it is a sign, and an important message.

Cause of Death

Recent autopsies ruled out accidental death from trauma or the avian flu. Poisoning is suspected. This suggests intention to harm is behind the deaths of these eagles.

The bald eagle is significant because it is featured on the National Emblem of the U.S. And, these deaths occurred close to Washington, D.C.

Eagle as an animal totem or guide is a visionary leader with power and strength, Divine timing, clarity of mind, goodness of heart, the ability to seize opportunities, and a deep connection to Spirit.

Dead eagles indicate the loss of these qualities: a falling from grace.

Intentional poisoning of these eagles suggests a highly toxic, dangerous situation is developing this election year: Dirty politics, sabotage, verbal threats, recklessness, treachery, malice, and violence.

In the ancient world, people would be howling about this unfortunate omen.

Symbolism of National Emblem

The bald eagle is central to the National Emblem of the U.S. This emblem is on government logos, coins, flags, and passports.

This symbol represents freedom, liberty, justice, honor, respect, and dignity.

eagle seal

  • The head of the eagle: President
  • Top of shield (blue rectangle): Congress
  • 9 tail feathers: Justices of the Supreme Court

Three of the bald eagles out of the thirteen were full-grown. These represent key candidates up for president. The other eagles that are less mature point to members of Congress. Death at all these levels suggests complete disarray.

Filling the Justice of the Supreme Court seat could also prove to be a difficult. Too many political forces are vying for position. A tug of war causes wrestling within, which could deter a final decision.

The eagle’s talons are grasping 13 arrows and 13 olive branches. The branches represent our desire for peace and the arrows our determination to defend ourselves when necessary. Thirteen dead eagles indicate situations where we are fighting blindly, internal unrest — a country in conflict with itself.

Seals serve as Divine protection, to hold and preserve our principles. Dead eagles would represent a broken seal. As a country, we would feel a loss of protection and power. An extreme lack of solidarity.

13 Dead Eagles

What behaviors might we expect? What end results could occur?

  1. Striving for status overrides serving the good; loss of vision
  2. Losing composure; inappropriate behavior
  3. Not listening to each other, or to the Higher Voice
  4. Relentless arguments that go nowhere
  5. More restrictions on international travel and immigration
  6. Loss of freedom, loss of civil liberties
  7. Wearing masks; lack of transparency, lack of integrity

Without adherence to our ideals, a feeling of misdirection will be rampant in this election. We will lose sight of our higher purpose.

Fractures could occur in both parties. They could go defunct.

Tempers are volcanic. Eruptions will result.

The presidential nominations and final election could be far from what we hoped for, from a major disappointment to a shocking conclusion.

The climate for an election is unstable and volatile. Worst-case scenario is we could see riots in major cities, and a civil war could break out.

Symbolism of Number Thirteen

Thirteen bald eagles died. The number is significant.

The number thirteen is connected to the Death Card in the Tarot. This card indicates great changes, endings that create room for something better. Spiritual pruning. A call for compassion. New cycles beginning: a new chapter.

In numerology, the number thirteen can bring upheaval. This serves to shake up the status quo. The status quo no longer works. New strategies must be devised.

Within the word “upheaval” is the word “heave.” Government representatives may heave or say things that are normally forbidden. It’s okay to break taboos if there is a real purpose behind it, in order to speak the truth. To heave, to spit and to fume, harms others.

man and eagle

Image Credit: abart, deviantart.com.

What Can We Do?

  1. Start a prayer thread for the U.S. to protect and preserve its ideals. Ask that the U.S. wake up. Presidential debates and campaigning are descending into a Shakespearean theatre. Can we direct these activities to a higher purpose?
  2. Regroup and reevaluate. Although this is probably unprecedented, push for a conference on principles (not a debate) that looks at where we are headed, and how this will affect the future of the country. Preselect topics so it isn’t a hodgepodge of issues. Call in top advisors.
  3. Demonstrate healthy communication in our families, neighborhoods, and communities. Support each other. Since the political stage is demonstrating foul communication, this represents a need on a grassroots level to give each other respect.
  4. Instead of focusing on the key players on this political stage, refocus on the principles and values they uphold. With enough charm, a candidate can persuade the general public to go against their will and do his/her bidding. Charm at its lowest vibration is hypnotic suggestion. We can prevent brainwashing when we stay close to our ideals.
  5. Adopt a vigilant attitude. Be aware that the election is in a crisis state. Watch, observe, and respond with caution.

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