Victory: An Alternate Definition

Join me for a two-minute meditation on what Victory is.

Old definition: Defeat over others; Winning is a game or battle, competition; Conquering, aggression; Beating an opponent, power over; Celebrating the loss of another; Depletes natural resources of People and Mother Earth for selfish ends; Dominant behavior, to bully; Winner-takes-all, greed; Leader marginalizes the powerless and holds them down; Separatism.

Alternate definition: Adherence to higher goals and values more important than winning; Partnership, cooperation, power with; Protects and preserves natural resources of People and Mother Earth; Honoring the work of an ensemble, a group; Winning is not possessed by one, mutual success and reciprocity; Leader empowers and strengthens others; Togetherness, unity.

Political application: This recent presidential victory is afflicted, hollow, unstable. There is risk of a debacle. A true victory serves, embraces, and protects the whole, not just the few.

Time for REFORM.

Mural “We Fall Down but We Get Back Up” by Pittsburgh-based artist and activist, Kyle Holbrook.


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