Which Virtues And Strengths Are We Cultivating?

The *DSM-V* (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is the manual of psychology that classifies human personality disorders. We need a system that identifies mental and emotional imbalances.

We also need aspirations that embrace our humanity, so we can reach higher.

Digital Art:  FrostAlexis, deviantart.com.

Digital Art: FrostAlexis, deviantart.com.

The book “Character Strengths and Virtues” by Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman is an alternative to the *DSM-V*: a text that defines human virtues and strengths that have been recognized by many different cultures for 2,500 years.

Thank you to a client who is a psychologist from California for recommending this.

Included in the virtue known as Courage are these strengths:
* Bravery
* Persistence
* Integrity
* Vitality

Included in the virtue known as Humanity are these strengths:
* Love
* Kindness
* Social Intelligence

Included in the virtue known as Justice are these strengths:
* Citizenship
* Fairness
* Leadership

Included in the virtue known as Temperance are these strengths:
* Forgiveness
* Humility
* Prudence
* Self-Regulation

Included in the virtue known as Transcendence are these strengths:
* Appreciation of Beauty
* Gratitude
* Hope for the Future
* Humor
* Spirituality

Included in the virtue known as Wisdom are these strengths:
* Knowledge
* Creativity
* Curiosity
* Open-Mindedness
* Perspective

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