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The Power of Listening

“Listening has the quality of the wizard’s alchemy. It has the power to melt armor and to produce beauty in the midst of hatred.” ~ Brian Muldoon

Painting by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Painting by Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Positive Language Transforms Our Destiny

In the book “Changing Destiny: Liao-Fan’s Four Lessons,” Venerable Master Chin Kung makes a direct correlation between speech patterns and creating destiny. If we practice foul speech, we may have success, but it will be short-lived. When we are mindful of our words, then we transform our destiny with consistent and long-lasting results.

Digital Art: patriciabrennan,

Digital Art: patriciabrennan,

New Year’s Blessing

For a New Beginning
by John O’Donohue

Awaken to the mystery of being here
and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence.

Have joy and peace in the temple of your senses.

Receive encouragement when new frontiers beckon.

Digital Art: GorosArt,

Digital Art: GorosArt,

Respond to the call of your gift and the courage to
follow its path.

Let the flame of anger free you of all falsity.

May warmth of heart keep your presence aflame.

May anxiety never linger about you.

May your outer dignity mirror an inner dignity of

Take time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek
no attention.

Be consoled in the secret symmetry of your soul.

May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven
around the heart of wonder.