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Journaling Part I: The Gift of Perspective

/ Photo by Lost in Scotland /

When someone contacts me and asks what can I do to develop my intuition, I’ll say, you need a butterfly net – your journal. The mind is fleeting, and the intuition is quick, so you need a container to catch these internal, wisdom-filled butterflies.

Recording your life events and making your own observations helps you gather your life experience. Your life experience is distilled into wisdom, preventing years of emotional build-up.

Do you have your 2008 journal yet? Not your daily planner where you record your appointments and responsibilities, but your journal that records all your soul’s activities: dreams, synchronicities, emotional reflections, visions, journeys, and cycles of change.

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A Tribute to Trees

/ Photo by krisdecurtis /

We didn’t get our Christmas tree until the week before Christmas.

I had a gallbladder attack with intense abdominal pain at Thanksgiving and it took me three weeks to fully recover. Thanksgiving marks the starting gate into the holiday season, and I didn’t leap through that gate, I crawled. Before we knew it, the calendar said December 17th, and we didn’t yet have our Christmas tree.

Once we got our Christmas tree, there was a palpable shift. We finally had a host to set a friendly tone for the Christmas holidays. The pine scent freshened our living room and our breathing opened. We felt protected and emotionally soothed, adorned with the warm presence of the pine tree.

This Yueltide companion does more than provide a decorative centerpiece for a family holiday. Pine trees with their earthy, fresh-forest fragrance offer emotional support. The pine tree is a Grandfather and with his warm outstretched arms he serves as a noble guardian at Christmastime and throughout the year.

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In the Bardo – Part I – How To See In the Dark

/ Photo by nick russill /

Feeling stuck, in limbo, in-between jobs or relationships?

Welcome to the Bardo! The Bardo is a transitional phase between lives, life cycles, or even moments. The Bardo is where you transform your old self, shed your skin, and start anew. It’s a spiritual re-evaluation period when you let go of the impulses of the body and the complexities of the physical world, allowing you to return to essential spiritual matters.

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