Category: Intuition Tips

A New Take on Bugs: Adventures in Transformation

/ Photo by HaPe_Gera /

Although insects are some of smallest creatures on earth, they pack a big message. When I see a stick bug, I’m reminded to sit still. I recognize that I’m rushing around too much. Watch them: They are motionless, the great mimes of the insect world. They model to us being in the now and appreciating the present moment. Read more

Set a Gauge to Screen Your Business and Personal Relationships

/ Photo by Paul Keleher /

What do Robert Kiyosaki, the New York Times bestselling author of
the Rich Dad investment books, and George Clooney, acclaimed actor and director, have in common?

They both use an intuitive gauge to determine whether a business partnership will be beneficial, or not. Read more

The Care and Feeding of Fairies, Devas, and Other Elementals

/ Photo by AlejandraMavroski /

On Wednesday, April 2nd, I was thrilled to see a fairy in my dreams.

He stood four-feet tall with some human and insect-like characteristics. His legs were insect-like, only they were filled with liquid light — walking fluorescents. His whole body radiated a warm light. He had long fan-like wings strong as jet propellers. His face looked human – short brown hair, large eyes with long lashes — and he was wearing a huge beaming grin.

Seeing this fairy vividly in my dreams reminded me of some of my first experiences with fairies, which were when we were living on the island of Maui from 2000 to 2004. Read more