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Psychic Grooming: Thirty Ways to Shine on the Inside

/ Photo by Jerry Daykin /

I’d be a hair stylist if I wasn’t already a psychic. I love hair, long hair, short hair, purple hair, curly, and straight hair. I counted six products in my bathroom that I use just for my hair!

We probably give more attention to grooming our hair and body than our spiritual hygiene. We need to clean our inner house too, otherwise we attract all kinds of debris. Our spiritual body is magnetic and we have to keep the magnet sparkling clean to clearly manifest our desires.
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Journaling Part II: Charting New Beginnings

/ Photo by Lady-bug /

Once you record your dreams, signs, and visions for a while, you’ll notice that they help you track new cycles, new developments, and evolutions. This is another good reason to journal – to receive those Divine memos – announcing important shifts in your life.

Before I give you more examples from my journal, a few quick tips on journaling:

  1. Invite and pray for solutions – Divine messages will come.
  2. Record shorter bits, rather than long essays – it’s easier to keep up.
  3. Pay attention to pun and metaphor – the Divine’s sense of humor at play.
  4. Be honest about your feelings – within every feeling is an intuitive insight.
  5. Save your journals – you wouldn’t want to lose your soul’s encyclopedia?

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The Pregnant Pause

/ Photo by dizznbonn /

Trying to decide which college to go to, the right job to take, or whether to move to the east coast?

Your intellect, your life sparring partner, attacks problems by digging and digging. Before you know it, your problem is buried and hiding in the sand. Instead of clarity, there is that dizzy visual blur and pounding headache, and you may have forgotten what the question is in the first place.

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