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To Your Good Luck on this Summer Solstice

/ Photo by ms.Tea /

Today marks the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year. We are blessed with the energies of the summer solstice at this time, a spiritual rite of passage that brings completion and a deeper connection to others and to nature. Read more

The Care and Feeding of Fairies, Devas, and Other Elementals

/ Photo by AlejandraMavroski /

On Wednesday, April 2nd, I was thrilled to see a fairy in my dreams.

He stood four-feet tall with some human and insect-like characteristics. His legs were insect-like, only they were filled with liquid light — walking fluorescents. His whole body radiated a warm light. He had long fan-like wings strong as jet propellers. His face looked human – short brown hair, large eyes with long lashes — and he was wearing a huge beaming grin.

Seeing this fairy vividly in my dreams reminded me of some of my first experiences with fairies, which were when we were living on the island of Maui from 2000 to 2004. Read more

Symbol Series: Deer

/ Photo by Aunt Owwee /

One of the best meditation teachers I know is the deer.

She holds her classes in a grove, by a stream, in your backyard. Observe a deer and your body will synchronize to stillness. You’ll notice her winking and humoring you with her effortlessness. Her feet move so lightly that the leaves beneath her feet are left undisturbed. She moves quietly and gently.

She is gentleness.
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