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You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

/ Photo by exfordy /

Life is like the dating game, only the rules have changed.

You remember as girls — when we used to sit by the phone for hours –waiting for the guy to call, thinking does he love me, will he call me. I remember those days of waiting for the guy to call. Oh, the waiting, the wondering, and the wishing.

We all want to be like Sally Field accepting her Oscar. We want that moment when we get to finally shout in relief: “You like me! You really like me!” Read more

Celebrities Teach Us to Dream a Bigger Dream

/ Photo by Alan Light /

I recently watched Alicia Keys and Ruby Dee on the Sundance Channel program Iconoclasts. Listening to the young singer and the veteran actress and activist talk, I was struck by their power, wisdom, and beauty. Even when Alicia Keys speaks, her voice sings with uplifting soul. She says a prayer before stepping onstage, and her presence radiates that deep dedication. Ruby Dee packs all the passion of her many years as an activist when she recites one of her poems; her voice says let’s move up, let’s move forward, together, let’s do it, now.

Ruby Dee just received an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress for her role as “Mama Lucas” in the film American Gangster. She is a young 83!

The Arts: A Cultural Dream Space

Movies, television, music – all the performing arts – create a space in which the human experience is reflected back to us. The arts are a cultural dream space. Read more

Symbol Series: The Color Red

/ Photo by kalandrakas /

We have a confused relationship with the color red: the color represents both stop and go.

Red is the beginning. In the Biblical story of Genesis, the first human is named Adam, which means “red,” of the red earth or, loosely, earthling. In this archetypal sense, all of humanity is born of earth… and the color red.

Red evokes passion, life, energy, love, sex. The color red inspires acceleration, heat, excitement. The red rose warms the heart. Valentines are red. Red says reach out and touch someone.

Then, we’re confronted with red stop signs and traffic lights. Read more