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Dreaming is a revolutionary act

“Dreaming is a revolutionary act. The dream is not keen on the status quo. Dreams lead beyond the tight little boxes of beliefs, biases, alliances, and prohibitions harbored within our family and cultural scripts.”

~ Kathleen Sullivan

Image Credit:  Ben Heine,

Image Credit: Ben Heine,

Good dream recall

“Good dream recall is not based on the number of dreams we remember. It’s that we kept the line of communication open.”

~ Michele Anderson,

Image Credit:  !vapourgrafix,

Image Credit: !vapourgrafix,

Shapeshifting: to reinvent yourself

“Shapeshifting is the ability to reinvent yourself, drawing from Universal DNA = Infinite Possibilities rather than Genetics = Limited Blueprint.”

~ Michele Anderson,

Image Credit:  Ashalind,

Image Credit: Ashalind,