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A Hug from a Beloved Father on the Other Side

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Over the years, I’ve had interesting encounters with loved ones on the other side. This was one of my favorite and more meaningful exchanges. Our ancestors often come forward with this purpose: To express their love.

My husband’s father, Steve, passed away suddenly in September 2008. He died quietly in his sleep in his apartment. He lived thousands of miles away in Sofia, Bulgaria, in Southeastern Europe. Before Steve passed away, my husband, Ivan, stayed in touch with his father via email, but he hadn’t seen Steve in many years. Sadly, I never met him. The following dream felt so familiar as if we’d seen him yesterday. Read more

10 Ways to Improve the Soul of Your Relationship

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Reverence is an attitude of honoring life.
Reverence automatically brings forth patience.
Reverence permits non-judgmental justice.
Reverence is a perception of the soul.
~Gary Zukav

I love this quote because it gets to the heart of what’s most important in a relationship: a deep respect for each other. When we respect each other, we honor each other; we bow to our partner daily. To respect our partner requires patience, taking it slow, and being attentive. We are patient with the highs and lows in our relationship.

Respect asks that we don’t engage in harsh criticism of each other. When kindness and appreciation are present in a relationship, we give our relationship the gift of longevity. The kindness feeds and nourishes the relationship.

Respect brings out the sacredness in a relationship, elevating it from personalities to souls, from the mundane to the profound. Respect allows the relationship to enter a spiritual domain. Read more

Set a Gauge to Screen Your Business and Personal Relationships

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What do Robert Kiyosaki, the New York Times bestselling author of
the Rich Dad investment books, and George Clooney, acclaimed actor and director, have in common?

They both use an intuitive gauge to determine whether a business partnership will be beneficial, or not. Read more