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Masks and Projections: Getting Beyond the Small Talk

/ Photo by S.AlSadhan /

Have you been to a party before where the main topics were breast implants, home improvements, and who is sleeping with whom? Small talk can be fun to a point, but it can quickly descend into verbal junk food. Sooner or later we yearn for more meaningful conversations.

My husband and I met a dear friend who is Buddhist practitioner and published poet for brunch at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse on a Sunday morning a few weeks ago. We found a lovely corner table with cushions. She told us about a talk she had just attended by the transformational poet, David Whyte. We were jealous. He is an engaging speaker.

During his talk, David Whyte told a story from ancient Ireland. One day the people of a village noticed a band of invading warriors lining up along a ridge overlooking their valley. The villagers faced off against the warriors on the opposite ridge. The invaders drew their weapons and let out their battle cry, ready to charge. The villagers, instead of drawing their own weapons, all turned to one side… and simply stepped into the light, disappearing.

This says so much to me about the ways we choose to encounter aggression and the perception of threat.
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Psychic Grooming: Thirty Ways to Shine on the Inside

/ Photo by Jerry Daykin /

I’d be a hair stylist if I wasn’t already a psychic. I love hair, long hair, short hair, purple hair, curly, and straight hair. I counted six products in my bathroom that I use just for my hair!

We probably give more attention to grooming our hair and body than our spiritual hygiene. We need to clean our inner house too, otherwise we attract all kinds of debris. Our spiritual body is magnetic and we have to keep the magnet sparkling clean to clearly manifest our desires.
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Journaling Part I: The Gift of Perspective

/ Photo by Lost in Scotland /

When someone contacts me and asks what can I do to develop my intuition, I’ll say, you need a butterfly net – your journal. The mind is fleeting, and the intuition is quick, so you need a container to catch these internal, wisdom-filled butterflies.

Recording your life events and making your own observations helps you gather your life experience. Your life experience is distilled into wisdom, preventing years of emotional build-up.

Do you have your 2008 journal yet? Not your daily planner where you record your appointments and responsibilities, but your journal that records all your soul’s activities: dreams, synchronicities, emotional reflections, visions, journeys, and cycles of change.

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