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Political Lessons from Super Bowl 2017

Since politics is the big event this year, other national events (signs) like the Super Bowl will show us a trajectory.

I realize I’m introducing some new ideas here. I’ll offer an explanation. If you have any questions, please ask.

Sports writers indicated a political relationship between the Patriots (pro-Trump) and the Falcons (anti-Trump). The NFL players themselves held strong emotions on this. This forms a symbiotic relationship, each team representing a political movement. How the game played out can show us how these political movements will progress over the next 6 months to a year.

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Political Lessons from Super Bowl 51

We have a head start with vigorous protests and marches. The Trump government is forced to defense at the beginning: Trump issues executive orders, judges reject it. But the game’s 28/28 tie leading to overtime suggests this dynamic can get caught in a stalemate, which gives Trump an advantage. This could be a prolonged battle unless we add more strength, and bring in unexpected momentum late in the game. Protests are essential, but not enough on their own. A vigorous action is needed. Legal indictment may be necessary, focusing on how he has illegally ignored the Emoluments Clause.

The Falcon’s Offense Was Injured

Alex Mack, the Falcon’s All-Pro Center, played with a leg injury to his left fibula. He’s important to the team’s offensive power. His team Number 51 also matched the Super Bowl LI (51). An injury to our center No. 51 (Game 51) suggested the Falcons would experience difficulty in the game at some point – interrupted movement.

There is another center, the center and focal point of our resistance to Trump. An injury to the left fibula is an injury to the Left’s ability to mobilize, block and protect. We are advised to strengthen our offensive power by:

• Handling the ball well – activism as a spiritual practice, keep moving forward
• Pivoting – change directions swiftly to avoid threats, have multiple strategic plays
• Develop playing field awareness – observe small and big events politically
• Passing the ball – develop an intricate support network within Congress and grassroots organizations

We must carefully plan a resistance. If we are always reacting to Trump’s executive orders, we get caught in an endless feedback loop. We must employ long-term thinking, devise other strategic actions to supplement protests, and implement actions that are far-reaching. Otherwise, we may march with a limp in our step, and lose focus.

A Fan Offers Strategic Insight

A neighborhood armchair sports critic had this to say this morning:

The mistake the Falcon’s made is that they held onto the ball rather than going for a field goal. They had one of the best kickers in the league on their team. But, they didn’t trust him. ~ Armchair sports critic (name unknown)

To go for a field goal is to take a bigger action. It’s a long-distance action to further this cause. Let’s think about what the field goal is: Is it impeachment? Is it taking several legal actions at once?

And who is the Placekicker? Several people in Congress? Key Democrats and Republicans? Grassroots organizations?

However we answer these questions, let’s go for a field goal to protect democracy.

Super Bowl 2017: A Battle of Cultures

Even if you’re not a football fan, it’s worth paying attention to this weekend’s Super Bowl —

“This year’s Super Bowl between the Falcons and Patriots is viewed by many across football as a battle of cultures. On one end, some in the game see the Patriots as a conveyor belt of winning machinery, aligned with Donald Trump, but despised by a large swath of the American populace. On the other are the Falcons, a talented, less rigid team, supported by a city starving for a winner and viewed as the welcome alternative in this fight…In interviews with 10 NFL players, it’s clear that many see this matchup as a proxy fight between Trump’s America and anti-Trump America.” ~ Mike Freeman, NFL National Lead Writer, Bleacher Report

Dream/Vision on 2/3/17: I dreamt about a group of man-sized Peregrine Falcons climbing to the top of a mountain with super-hero style vigor and determination. Matt Ryan led them. He moved like an acrobat, highly energetic, talented, yet unpretentious. A star, but more of a team player at heart.

Spiritual Significance: A Falcon’s WIN represents “a win” for our political well-being and the soul of America. Democracy will be restored.

For further commentary, read blog article, Political Lessons from Super Bowl 2017.


Trump Out of Office December 2017

Last Saturday, I had a political Christmas dream.

The dream was in full Christmas decor.

The theme: Trump was finally out of office. Kaput!

Vice President Pence stepped in his place.

Even with his alt-right stance, Pence will have an ability to listen, especially in a post-Trump recovery period.

In December 2017, the government will reset, and a gradual path towards healing and restoration begins.


**The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus closes May 21, 2017. This event/sign marks a time when Trump’s presidential power will be challenged: the impeachment process begins. Read the signs here.

Photo: Matt B, Flickr, CC