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Symbol Series: Deer

/ Photo by Aunt Owwee /

One of the best meditation teachers I know is the deer.

She holds her classes in a grove, by a stream, in your backyard. Observe a deer and your body will synchronize to stillness. You’ll notice her winking and humoring you with her effortlessness. Her feet move so lightly that the leaves beneath her feet are left undisturbed. She moves quietly and gently.

She is gentleness.
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Symbol Series: The Color Red

/ Photo by kalandrakas /

We have a confused relationship with the color red: the color represents both stop and go.

Red is the beginning. In the Biblical story of Genesis, the first human is named Adam, which means “red,” of the red earth or, loosely, earthling. In this archetypal sense, all of humanity is born of earth… and the color red.

Red evokes passion, life, energy, love, sex. The color red inspires acceleration, heat, excitement. The red rose warms the heart. Valentines are red. Red says reach out and touch someone.

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Reading the Story Within the Story

/ Photo by CLMinc. /

When Feng Shui Master, Dr. Baolin Wu first steps into a house, he takes an energy reading. He observes a child’s behavior while playing in a room of the house:

“If he is happy and willing to stay longer, playing away contentedly, then you know this is a good spot. If he cries or says he is scared, or if he obviously doesn’t want to be there, then you don’t want to be there either. If he asks for a drink of water or wants to go to the bathroom, that is bad sign as well. The place is not good.”

– Dr. Baolin Wu, author of Lighting the Eye of the Dragon: Inner Secrets of Taoist Feng Shui

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