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Anatomy of a Sign: Two Bald Eagles Fighting for Territory

Let’s start tracking ‘the news’ together by looking at significant animal signs. Tracking is an observation skill. We observe and listen.

Animals feel the slightest shift. Animals read energy. They live on a subtler plane beyond words.

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Process: Maintain ‘soft eyes’ by staying open to layers of meaning. The primary goal is to pay attention.

Objective: To hear the whole message, we look at the literal and the metaphoric meaning.

Primer: Here are some of the details I look at and assemble.

1. Animal Type = messenger
2. Animal Behavior = communication
3. Positioning = where the animal showed up
4. Colors = modifier, specifies qualities
5. Direction = modifier, specifies locations and spiritual lessons
6. Numbers = modifier, specifies qualities and timing
7. Timing = encoded in the timing of an event are future events because time is on a continuum
8. Synthesis = gathering elements together and creating a spiritual message
9. Other techniques for interpretation. I’ll show you as we go along.

Ready – let’s begin!

Read Orlando’s local news article on the two bald eagles here.

Event: Two bald eagles fighting for territory on Thursday, November 10, 2016 in Orlando, Florida

Significance: Since this occurred close to the election date, this sign communicates what we might expect throughout the whole presidential term.

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Trump Presidency: Tumultuous Beginnings

Principle of Signs: What you encounter at the beginning of a new job, relationship, or residence shows up during this new endeavor.

Political Application: Dissent and protests at the beginning of a new presidency = great turmoil, obstacles, pushback on a grassroots level throughout the presidency. High likelihood of turbulence and fumbles within the new administration.

Digital Art: BenHeine,

Digital Art: BenHeine,

Which Virtues And Strengths Are We Cultivating?

The *DSM-V* (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is the manual of psychology that classifies human personality disorders. We need a system that identifies mental and emotional imbalances.

We also need aspirations that embrace our humanity, so we can reach higher.

Digital Art:  FrostAlexis,

Digital Art: FrostAlexis,

The book “Character Strengths and Virtues” by Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman is an alternative to the *DSM-V*: a text that defines human virtues and strengths that have been recognized by many different cultures for 2,500 years.

Thank you to a client who is a psychologist from California for recommending this.

Included in the virtue known as Courage are these strengths:
* Bravery
* Persistence
* Integrity
* Vitality

Included in the virtue known as Humanity are these strengths:
* Love
* Kindness
* Social Intelligence

Included in the virtue known as Justice are these strengths:
* Citizenship
* Fairness
* Leadership

Included in the virtue known as Temperance are these strengths:
* Forgiveness
* Humility
* Prudence
* Self-Regulation

Included in the virtue known as Transcendence are these strengths:
* Appreciation of Beauty
* Gratitude
* Hope for the Future
* Humor
* Spirituality

Included in the virtue known as Wisdom are these strengths:
* Knowledge
* Creativity
* Curiosity
* Open-Mindedness
* Perspective