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Meaning connects all things

“Aborigines do not perceive space as distance. Space for them is consciousness. All spatial relationships in the Dreaming are primarily symbolic. Meaning and information are not transported across distances and time; they are an integral part of consciousness expressing itself as spatial order and form. To the Aborigines, the spatial landscape is a perfect symbolic description of the psychic content of humans and of the ancestral forces that created the world. Meaning, not space and time, connects all things.”

~ Sandra Cutts

Dreamtime Sisters

Image Credit: Colleen Wallace Nungari.

Aborigines converse with all of nature

”Aborigines openly and unaffectedly converse with everything in their surroundings — trees, tools, animals, rocks — as if all things have an intelligence deserving of respect.”

~ Robert Lawlor

child bonding with animal
Image Credit: Indiangal, deviantart.com.