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True observation

“True observation begins when one is devoid of set patterns. Be “self-aware” rather than a repetitious robot.”

~ Bruce Lee

Image Credit:  Neutron2K, deviantart.com. Image Credit: Neutron2K, deviantart.com.

How Do We Recognize A Sign?

How do we recognize a sign? We use all twelve senses. Our senses are our radar.

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When a sign greets us, we’ve received a special invitation to listen and dialogue with the Divine. A sign is a call to our attention.

A sign stands out amidst the crowd. A sign is a bumblebee buzzing in our car, a bird flying in the grocery store, or a snowstorm in July.

A sign is fleeting like watching a butterfly jump from flower to flower; a sign is a nice surprise from the Divine. To recognize a sign’s movement and message requires anchoring into silence. In stillness, we can capture a moment. Read more