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Four Steps to Clairvoyance: Activating the Inner Movie Projector

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One of my students asked me how my third eye opened. This is the story.

In the early ‘80s, I spent my summers working at Grand Canyon National Park. My roommate was a theater costume design major named Carla. We were both friends of the movie projectionist, Michael, who played movies for the small community movie house. Carla also worked there a few nights a week. We all loved film and in the midst of our conversations we’d discuss our astrological charts with Michael who also was an astrologer.

That summer in the wee hours of the night, panoramic movies would flash in my third eye: sweeping scenes of wagon trails and horses, knights in armor gathered on distant hills, castles overlooking green valleys. The inner movies were epics with vast horizons. Some of these images rustling in the night were like moving shadows with only specs of color.

I was mesmerized by these internal movies, but there was no button to push rewind, stop or play that I could find. I traveled in the night through the images of my third eye and I was entertained, yet the meaning of these images mystified me.

Carla and I didn’t return to the canyon to work the following summer. I did receive a gift from her for my next birthday, however – a box with a crystal ball inside. I never really used the crystal ball for scrying or crystal ball gazing, because my dreams and my third eye – my inner crystal ball – were already giving me glimpses of the future. Read more

Alcoholism – Theft of the Spirit

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I lost a school buddy to alcoholism. The disease ravaged him, stole his charm, his musicality, his broad smile. I woke up one night in a cold sweat from a dream where I saw him walking around his home. I hadn’t seen my friend in several years because we lived in different states. I was in a state of shock: In the dream, my friend, from the neck up was just a skeleton, an image of the walking dead.

Something was wrong, very wrong — I wondered if he had died. I called his mother right away and found out he was living with her, out of work, and that he’d been in and out of rehab.

I later visited him in person. He had lost weight and was now painfully thin. His teeth were darkened from a cigarette habit, and his hands shook. He handed me a cup of coffee and the cup rattled eerily and his whole body shook as we talked. I could tell his nerves were shot, his energy depleted, his soul shaken – traumatized and lost.
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Journaling Part II: Charting New Beginnings

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Once you record your dreams, signs, and visions for a while, you’ll notice that they help you track new cycles, new developments, and evolutions. This is another good reason to journal – to receive those Divine memos – announcing important shifts in your life.

Before I give you more examples from my journal, a few quick tips on journaling:

  1. Invite and pray for solutions – Divine messages will come.
  2. Record shorter bits, rather than long essays – it’s easier to keep up.
  3. Pay attention to pun and metaphor – the Divine’s sense of humor at play.
  4. Be honest about your feelings – within every feeling is an intuitive insight.
  5. Save your journals – you wouldn’t want to lose your soul’s encyclopedia?

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