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How Do Animal Signs Differ From The Regular News?

The biggest difference is that animals read subtle energy shifts. When we read energy, we access the news from multiple dimensions.

Here are some other perceptual differences between animals signs and news reporting:

• Reads energy, like a weather gage — not gathering facts.
• Observes subtle shifts (connected events) — the news takes snapshots (isolated events).
• Ambassadors of Mother Earth — the news represents corporate entities.
• Serves as a mirror — reflects rather than reports.
• Vocalizes through behavior, not words; shows, doesn’t tell.
* Reveals the truth — whereas the news frames and sometimes limits the truth.
• Reads the allegorical, the symbolic, to find meaning — the news overlooks meaning.

Photo:  riktorsashen, deviantart.com

Photo: riktorsashen, deviantart.com