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Physical Therapy: A Mechanical Versus An Intuitive Approach

In December 2009, I had surgery on my wrist. I fell and broke the distal radius on my wrist while walking with my dog on an icy patch of road. A month later, I realized I had a full arm injury, a frozen shoulder, and tendon injuries in my elbow – I injured one of my wings.

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I was new to physical therapy and didn’t know who to search for or where to go. I started with a recommendation from a friend.

Here’s a summary of my experience with the first physical therapy group, and then a second summary when I switched to a physical therapist who also is a healer. Read more

Relationship Archetypes: A Mirror for Our Inner Development

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Relationships are at the top of the charts as the primary concern of a lifetime. Practically every day I talk with someone in a reading about a relationship they’re in currently or a relationship they’d like to be in. This includes family relationships, business partnerships, friendships, and lovers.

The types of relationships we are in reveals something about ourselves. This includes choosing to be alone – how we relate to ourselves in solitude. Every relationship reflects what we are working on, what needs healing, and what is important to us. Relationships are the consummate self-made workshop for working on oneself.

I find in readings that people will often complain about their relationship, and dwell on what the other person was doing wrong in the relationship. A relationship serves as a mirror for our inner development. Whatever we witness our partner doing in the relationship also reflects a pattern in ourselves.

I’ve noticed some common relationship archetypes in my reading practice. Read more