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Journaling Part II: Charting New Beginnings

/ Photo by Lady-bug /

Once you record your dreams, signs, and visions for a while, you’ll notice that they help you track new cycles, new developments, and evolutions. This is another good reason to journal – to receive those Divine memos – announcing important shifts in your life.

Before I give you more examples from my journal, a few quick tips on journaling:

  1. Invite and pray for solutions – Divine messages will come.
  2. Record shorter bits, rather than long essays – it’s easier to keep up.
  3. Pay attention to pun and metaphor – the Divine’s sense of humor at play.
  4. Be honest about your feelings – within every feeling is an intuitive insight.
  5. Save your journals – you wouldn’t want to lose your soul’s encyclopedia?

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Journaling Part I: The Gift of Perspective

/ Photo by Lost in Scotland /

When someone contacts me and asks what can I do to develop my intuition, I’ll say, you need a butterfly net – your journal. The mind is fleeting, and the intuition is quick, so you need a container to catch these internal, wisdom-filled butterflies.

Recording your life events and making your own observations helps you gather your life experience. Your life experience is distilled into wisdom, preventing years of emotional build-up.

Do you have your 2008 journal yet? Not your daily planner where you record your appointments and responsibilities, but your journal that records all your soul’s activities: dreams, synchronicities, emotional reflections, visions, journeys, and cycles of change.

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