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Super Bowl 2017: A Battle of Cultures

Even if you’re not a football fan, it’s worth paying attention to this weekend’s Super Bowl —

“This year’s Super Bowl between the Falcons and Patriots is viewed by many across football as a battle of cultures. On one end, some in the game see the Patriots as a conveyor belt of winning machinery, aligned with Donald Trump, but despised by a large swath of the American populace. On the other are the Falcons, a talented, less rigid team, supported by a city starving for a winner and viewed as the welcome alternative in this fight…In interviews with 10 NFL players, it’s clear that many see this matchup as a proxy fight between Trump’s America and anti-Trump America.” ~ Mike Freeman, NFL National Lead Writer, Bleacher Report

Dream/Vision on 2/3/17: I dreamt about a group of man-sized Peregrine Falcons climbing to the top of a mountain with super-hero style vigor and determination. Matt Ryan led them. He moved like an acrobat, highly energetic, talented, yet unpretentious. A star, but more of a team player at heart.

Spiritual Significance: A Falcon’s WIN represents “a win” for our political well-being and the soul of America. Democracy will be restored.

For further commentary, read blog article, Political Lessons from Super Bowl 2017.

Photo: viralurl.com.