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Watch for many homes in the forest

“There are many homes in the forest. Tread lightly.”

~ Michele Anderson, www.newvision-psychic.com

fairy nest in the forest
Image Credit: ElenaDudina, deviantart.com.

Aborigines converse with all of nature

”Aborigines openly and unaffectedly converse with everything in their surroundings — trees, tools, animals, rocks — as if all things have an intelligence deserving of respect.”

~ Robert Lawlor

child bonding with animal
Image Credit: Indiangal, deviantart.com.

Animals are spiritual teachers

“Many deep ecologists tell us that nature and animals teach us about collaboration, relationship, and interdependence, and these are concepts important to living a deep spiritual life. Animals seek us out for this kind, deep wordless communion, and help us home to our spiritual selves.”

~ Susan Chernak McElroy

dog and woman bonding

Image Credit: furlined, deviantart.com