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12 Traits of Narcissists

Image Credit: one2punch, deviantart.com.

A client from California who is a visionary artist introduced me to this subject and its importance to all kinds of relationship dynamics. She mentioned this quote too.

“Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.” ~ Voltaire

A narcissist is the classic know-it-all. They stand at the podium displaying their ideas and themselves without self-reflection. The narcissist is entirely self-focused. In every situation, narcissists only identify with their desires.

Leaders are especially vulnerable to narcissism: CEOs, high government officials, church leaders, etc. Narcissism is more widespread than we realize.

Narcissists, at their worst, are predatory. Because their goals are all they pay attention to, every person and situation they encounter is either a stepping-stone to use to their advantage, or a hindrance to forcefully overcome.

Narcissists grab power for themselves while promoting powerlessness in those around them. They are always convinced they are doing what is right despite the harm they inflict on others. Read more