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Dazed and Confused: The Dangers of Remaining Undecided

/ Photo by po go re lo va /

In my early 20s, I walked into the University of Kentucky to register for classes one balmy September day with the goal of majoring in Physical Therapy. On that same day, I turned around and left campus feeling undecided, dazed and confused. I really didn’t know what I wanted.

When we start college, it’s not uncommon to declare ‘undecided’ as a major. It can be an important time to sample a variety of classes, exploring interests and possible life pathways, before deciding on a specific focus. But eventually we need to become ‘decided’ before a career and adult identity can take shape.

If we’re really wanting results in our life, remaining undecided is not great for manifesting results. The more unclear we are about what we want, the more haphazard the outcome. When we are confused, we are submitting an order form to the Universe that is blank. Read more