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On Journalism’s Purpose: Explore The Meaning

Dear Journalists: We need you more than ever to report the facts, but also to delve into the meaning. This is done by exploring metaphors within events.

Example: The horrific shooting at the popular gay nightclub, The Pulse in Orlando, Florida on June 12, 2016. This attack was one of the deadliest in recent years. A rare event = a sign or omen.

This is one of the events that telegraphed the results of the 2016 Election. Let’s look at two metaphors.

1. The Pulse = the heartbeat, the primal rhythm = the state of the heart that we can expect within the new presidency.

2. 49 people killed, 53 injured = many people were ‘shot down.’ The Pulse was a refuge. A shooting tells us not only LGBT rights are under threat, but all civil rights. A dangerous downward spiral will occur under this new presidency. We must be vigilant.

Thank you, Journalists, for expanding your narrative beyond the rush of facts and for writing thought-provoking articles!

Image: Steven Wright, https://wrightmarks.com

How Do Animal Signs Differ From The Regular News?

The biggest difference is that animals read subtle energy shifts. When we read energy, we access the news from multiple dimensions.

Here are some other perceptual differences between animals signs and news reporting:

• Reads energy, like a weather gage — not gathering facts.
• Observes subtle shifts (connected events) — the news takes snapshots (isolated events).
• Ambassadors of Mother Earth — the news represents corporate entities.
• Serves as a mirror — reflects rather than reports.
• Vocalizes through behavior, not words; shows, doesn’t tell.
* Reveals the truth — whereas the news frames and sometimes limits the truth.
• Reads the allegorical, the symbolic, to find meaning — the news overlooks meaning.

Photo:  riktorsashen, deviantart.com

Photo: riktorsashen, deviantart.com

The Elephant in Your Rearview Mirror

/ Photo by exfordy /

Your car tells you something about yourself.

It can reveal your state of health and emotions, and give you some signs of what to expect further up the road.

I created a list for you on car symbolism that you can apply to your daily life or to your dreams. Read more