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Become the Sea of Changes

“Without Psychological Evolution there cannot be any form of revolution. The self is constantly changing. Be involved, be evolved, be revolutionized as lucent and fresh as the new wave hitting at the shore. Become the Sea of Changes. It starts from within.” ~ Grigoris Deoudis

Image Credit:  tamaraR, deviantart.com

Image Credit: tamaraR, deviantart.com

Positive change involves right of passage

“Every positive change — every jump to a higher level of energy and awareness — involves a rite of passage. Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation. ~ Dan Millman

~ Dan Millman

Image Credit:  woman in temple
Image Credit: Karezoid, deviantart.com.

Big changes spark a metamorphosis

“Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require not just small adjustments in your way of living and thinking, but a full-on metamorphosis.”

~ Martha Beck

butterfly dance
Image Credit: afox2004, deviantart.com.