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Language of Intuition Training Program


The Language of Intuition Training Program gives you regular, one-to-one guidance and instruction in cultivating your intuition and developing methods to apply it in your work and daily life.

You will receive in-depth, personal guidance four times a month, with some follow-up communication in between via email. It is structured to offer the most direct training possible without requiring you to travel to a workshop or drastically alter your schedule.

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Program Format and Price


The Language of Intuition Training Program is conducted via direct phone discussions. Follow-up and additional guidance can be offered through email:


Four 50-minute discussions per month over 3 months


Or, two 50- minute discussions per month over 6 months


As needed

This is different from correspondence courses that offer only limited contact with the teacher. You will receive regular, personal feedback and guidance suited to the particular needs of your profession.


For one-on-one training meeting four times each month, the price is $380 per month (or $342 per month with a 10% discount for paying in advance). If you would like to to meet twice a month over a six-month period, the cost is only $190 per month (or $171 per month with a 10% discount for paying in advance).


A 10% discount is available for paying in advance at the first session of each month.

Further discounts are available for groups of two or three (see the chart below).

1 person
10% discount
2 people
10% discount
3 people
10% discount

Per Class


$75 per person
$67.50 per person
$65 per person
$58.50 per person

Per Month
4 sessions/mo
for 3 months


$300 per person
$270 per person
$260 per person
$234 per person

Per Month
2 sessions/mo
for 6 months


$150 per person
$135 per person
$130 per person
$117 per person


Graduated Levels of Study

Three graduated levels of study are available, each three months in length:

Beginning -- Learn how to open to the intuition and become familiar with its basic structure. You begin to recognize that the intuition has a tangible nature of its own. You lay a foundation for further study. In the beginning program, activating and opening the intuitive mind is emphasized.

Intermediate -- At this stage, your understanding of the language of intuition is gaining focus. You are increasingly skilled in your ability to recognize symbols and intuitive experiences as well as to interpret their meaning. Any language has a system and you are adopting this system more readily. In the intermediate program, studying the language of intuition, symbols and imagery, is the main segment of this course.

Advanced -- Become fluent in the language of intuition. Its interwoven patterns are accessible to you. At this point, using your intuition is a way of seeing and living in the world. You find that the world holds profound meaning and inspiration. All of your interaction with the world is a form of communication; every event in your life is dialog with a Higher Source. In the advanced program, even more special attention is given to helping you integrate your intuitive skills into your practice to assist your clients with their spiritual growth.

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Intuition Practices and Exercises

The following practices will be imperative throughout the program to engage your intuition. Being intuitive is about being a keen observer. You will learn how to observe in many contexts, developing ways of culling intuitive information.

  1. Meditation -- cultivating a quiet and receptive mind

  2. Prayer -- asking for divine help

  3. Visualization -- giving form to your interior psychic landscape

  4. Many observation exercises will be given. These exercises are experiential.

  5. Symbol Journal -- a record of dream symbols and daytime symbols, developing a personal symbolic vocabulary

  6. Spiritual Growth Journal -- what are you learning about yourself?

  7. Reading and Writing Assignments

  8. Book recommendation lists will be given, helping you to build your own metaphysical resource library

Program Benefits

  1. Expand your intuitive vocabulary -- Signs, symbols, and imagery are the vocabulary of intuition. You will be able to identify symbols or internal cues, and interpret them. Symbols carry an energy that opens and mends the psyche; they communicate more directly with the psyche than words do. You become more lucid, aware of symbols that might have normally passed by your awareness.

  2. Focus your intuition -- What felt like vague hunches before will become more precise, concrete, and knowable, giving you practical information that can be applied to your work. Your intuition becomes a skill you can rely on; it is no longer guesswork. Your intuition is a real skill that you are integrating into your practice.

  3. Heighten your communication skills -- Your rapport with the people you serve will open up. Communication moves from basic dialog to a strong healing component of your work. Your words, your intent, and your presence inspire, soothe, and evoke a sense of wholeness: synchronicity touches your conversations with others.

  4. Reawaken your compassion -- As you engage your intuition in your practice, you will understand your client's predicaments with more of an open heart. You will be able to feel and see the origin of their pain, their joy, their confusion. Your empathy deepens and your ability to connect with your clients increases.

  5. Deepen your spirituality -- Intuition is a sacred language. You are studying the sacred dialog between yourself and the Divine. The purpose of language is to create connection through communication in order to establish mutual understanding. Love and inspiration are the common threads in the language of the intuition. To study the intuition helps you to recognize and revere the Divine nature in all things.

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