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Language of Intuition Training Program

A Note from Michele Anderson

Michele Anderson, psychic reader

When I originally founded New Vision Psychic Services, one of my chief goals was to provide education and training on intuitive development. I see the intuition as a life skill that belongs in the mainstream. It is a skill everyone can exercise, not just professional psychics and intuitive counselors.

Since 2004, I've offered apprenticeship training programs to individual students, with a focus on studying signs and symbols, the language of intuition. Here are some examples of whom I've worked with:  a violin teacher, divorce mediator, nursing home administrator, fiction writer, insurance analysis manager, water systems engineer, psychologist, and others.  Some of my students go on to be professional psychics themselves.  I offer an additional training module to help people develop their own reading practice.

When you enroll in the Language of Intuition Training Program, you begin studying a language and refining a communication skill.  The vocabulary is composed of signs and symbols (language).  Also, you build a relationship with Spirit (communication skill) -- with Divine guidance -- and you learn to understand this guidance and trust the answers you are given.  With attention and guidance, everyone can learn this language of the intuition.

I believe we're always receiving intuitive guidance via dreams, signs, and synchronicities, but the challenge is in the translation, the interpretation of the imagery.  That's what I specialize in -- both how to recognize a sign, and how to interpret the symbolism.  Symbolism is universal to dreams, visions, signs, synchronicities -- it's all the same language.  

Michele Anderson

Michele Anderson

Language of Intuition Coaching Sessions

Language of Intuition Coaching is a series of one-to-one discussions to help you develop and refine your intuitive abilities. The program is self-directed, allowing you to work at your own pace and pursue your own focus, but with the aid of personal coaching and guidance.

This program is designed for anyone who sincerely desires to deepen his or her intuitive awareness. Beginners and professional intuitives alike will find the sessions helpful.

Exercises and spiritual practices will be suggested in your sessions to help support the learning process.

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Language of Intuition Training Program

The Language of Intuition Training Program gives you regular, one-to-one guidance and instruction in cultivating your intuition and developing methods to apply it in your work and daily life.

You will receive in-depth, personal guidance four times a month, with some follow-up communication in between via email. It is structured to offer the most direct training possible without requiring you to travel to a workshop or drastically alter your schedule.

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Language of Intuition Training Program Comparison

Individual Coaching Sessions

Complete Program Series

Free form -- you choose the length


3 to 6 month commitment


50-minute sessions, at any interval you choose


Four 50-minute sessions per month for 3 months
Or, two 50-minute sessions per month for 6 months


Self-directed study


Guided, structured program


Open curriculum


Concentrated curriculum


Like receiving key pages from an instruction manual


Like receiving the whole instruction manual


$95 per 50-minute session


$95 per 50-minute session, plus follow-up email discussion


More private, individual; an independent learning experience


Network with others who are in the program; a sense of community


Private, individual sessions.


Private, individual sessions,
Or done in groups of two or three people at reduced rates.




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Language of Intuition Training Program...

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